About Us
Consistent with the purpose, SRI KRISHNA FIREWORKS INDUSTRIES aims at bringing colourful environment through product innovation with high technology. This will strive to lead the pyrotechnic sector very high in the fireworks industry. This shall be achieved through high productivity with lesser costs, continuous improvement in technological break-through and human resources..
AN INNOVATIVE TEAM SPIRIT - That is what best describes SRI KRISHNA FIREWORKS and its Groups which was promoted in the early 60's. Our groups lives by its core value of commitment, concern, integrity and Quality. Our manufacturing based unit of Fireworks, Colour Matches, Packages, Chemicals, Printing and Polythenes has rapid growth by the constant supports of our satisfied Customers in and around India and Abroad.
"Krishna for Happy Moments"
Our Traditional Products of Sri Krishna Brands brings peoples together by happiness and joy. Making good use of human resources and developing novel varieties with the power of scientific research and development. The market percentage of our Sri Krishna Brands has increased rapidly every year. Our continuous innovation in Trade fulfills our customer satisfaction.
Sri Krishna :
Manufacturers & exporters of based unit of
Colour Matches
Packaging (Corrugated Boxes)
Chemicals (Barium Nitrate & Strontium Nitrate)
Sri Saraswathi Offset Printers
Products Categories
Twinklings Stars
Flower Pots
Atom Bombs
Fancy Fireworks
Flash Light Crackers
Tukkada & Bijili Crackers
Chorsa Crackers
Giant Crackers
Festival One Sound in Box
Festival Chorsa Garlands
Fancy Night Carnivals
Colour Fountains
Lillyput Colour Series
Whistling Celebrations
Con Fetti Celebrations
Colour Comets
Holiday Shells
Aerial Novelties
Millennium Colour Series
Fancy Expo Rockets
Paper Caps
Colour Matches
Gift Box
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